Advertisement pens

Advertisement pens are synonym for promotional pens and their funtion is identical. They are made mostly to promote a product, company, service. Eskesen has manufactured advertisement pens for more than 50 years and our main product is The Original Floating Action Pen, the world famous pen which has movement inside the barrel.

The movement inside the pen barrel is what makes the Original Floating Action Pen so special and so perfect for advertisement pens. In the barrel you can create virtually any scene and add movement to the central message, product or logo.

Eskesen advertisement pens are ingenious they can tell much more than just words or a logo printed on a pen because they illustrate your message, product or service.

You can become your own art director and do your own custom design right here on our web site. When you are done, you can view the result as a virtual sample and our flash configurator even lets you view the Floating Action inside your advertisement pens. Your design is saved for 3 months so you can come back and finish it or change it at any time.

It is free to use for everyone and there is no obligation or purchase requirement.

Click HERE to create your own advertisement pens and become creative.