Ballpoint pens

Ballpoint pens are a popular give-away. The Original Floating Action Ballpoint Pens are no exception. Floating Action adds a twist to marketing campaigns. Show any product or service in the amazing pens. Each design is custom and nearly anything can be depicted in the floating barrel of the pen. Make it different - make it Floating Action.

Fantastic ballpoint pens with Floating Action. Desgin your own right here. It is very easy.

Ballpoint pens are very popular and are used around the globe for private purposes, for business and for leisure as souvenirs. Ballpoint pens are also popular merchandise for many well known cartoon characters, pop stars, live shows and much more.

Ballpoint pens come in thousands of shapes and some with many functions and even several colours. One of the most fantastic functions is that of the Original Floating Actioon ballpoint pens.

The design inside the pen has several layers of artwork and is built kind of like a sandwich where the middle layer moves. This gives the pen the ability to show products and services in motions moving inside the pen. E.g. you can simulate a plane flying, a truck making a delivery, or a horseman riding.

Ballpoint pens can be fun and yet yield a good return on investment when they are used as promotional ballpoint pens and give something extra to the receivers, in this case a ballpoint pen with moving images, like a mini-commercial.

Try out our floating action configurator. You can save or forward your own design by e-mail. Come back and make changes later, your design is saved for up to three months.

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