Baseball souvenir

The Eskesen baseball Floating Action souvenir pen has been specifically developed for baseball teams and museums. We also manufacture baseball keychains. Baseball souvenir are in high demand and the Floating Action pen is one of the popular souvenirs. The ability to show the actual game in motion makes the Original Floating Action Baseball Pen perfect for any baseball souvenirs. Every design is custom made and the possibilities are endless. The Original Floating Action baseball pen adds a whole new dimension to baseball souvenir and the concept of marketing and branding.

Our baseball souvenir pen is shaped like a baseball bat and inside the transparent tube, colourful artwork has been inserted. The artwork is fully customized for each customer and is printed in full colour on both sides.

A floating aciton pen consists of up to four artwork elements of which one is moving when the pen is tilted. This is perfect for a baseball souvenir pen as you can show a ball, player or logo moving.

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