Corporate give away

Corporate give aways need to excite the receiver and make him feel special for receiving the corporate give away. Choosing the right corporate give a way is not all that easy. First of all you need to consider your own budget, the quantity you need and also the type of corporate give away. One choice is always right. The Original Floating Action Pen excites and thrills every receipient regardless of age or gender. The pen features a moving film inside a transparent tube, making the world famous floaty effect in which you can make cars drive, fill up a glass or simulate a thrill ride. Every design is custom made.

When you source a corporate give away you also need to think of how it should express your product, service or company. This is easily done online for the floaty pens, by using a flash generator that allows you to upload your own logo and other images to create the aimated floaty effect.

It is so easy and intuitive to use that you do not need very much graphic skill to get a perfect and professional look result.

Your corporate give away is saved for three months allowing you ro re-enter and edit it at any time.

Click HERE to create your own corporate give away design pen.