Imprinted promotional products

Imprinted promotional products are a large industry. There are thousands of different imprinted promotional products to choose from, however, there is a reason that The Original Floating Action Pen is among the most popular imprinted promotional products - and has been for the past more than fifty years - IT WORKS!

The Original Floating Action Pen is one of the few imprinted promotional products that has the ability to capture the attention of young and old, men, women and children alike.

With its high resolution digital printed film strips inside the tube you can show a mini-commercial with motion, like a bulldozer clearing a lot, a bridge being built, or an ambulace driving into the hospital. The design possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination and creativity skills.

We can design the pen for you or you can do it yourself. To assist you we have a product configurator that lets you preview your own artwork in the finished product - with animation.

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