Lucite key fobs

Lucite key fobs are used for many things. Some are used for your house keys often with the inscription "World's best Mom" or Dad for that matter, some are used for automobile dealerships and then some are used for souvenir sales with images of the world's attractions. Eskesen has manufactured lucite key fobs for more than fifty years.

Lucite key fobs are popular, especially due to the often large imprint area, which allows images of high quality and high resolution to be molded into the lucite key fobs. This, however, is only the technique used by Eskesen and other high quality manufacturers. The cheapest "Lucite key fobs" are actually not even made of lucite and most just have a paper insert with a poor quality image which is not weather resistant.

All Eskesen's lucite key fobs have customized full colour designs and are made with the aim for extra durability and quality. Made in Denmark - this is as good as it gets!

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