Novelty (derived from Latin word novus for "new") is the quality of being new, or following from that, of being striking, original or unusual. The original floating action pen is all that and much more. With the exciting floaty scene inside the pen every design and every new production is a novelty. The pens are collector's items for that very same reason.

Design your own novelty pen with the Floating Action novelty configurator.

A novelty pen is very easy to design and the results are stunning. You can make a horse run across a field, change a "For Sale" sign into a sign reading "Sold" or you can watch a construction truck drive across the construction field - or King Kong climbing the Empire State Building.

Wheter you are looking for a novelty item for corporate use or for use as a souvenir or merchandise you have come to the right place.

Click HERE to create your own novelty design.