Personalized corporate gifts

Personalized corporate gifts should represent some kind of value for the receiver. This could be monetary or sentimental value, but personalized corporate gifts of no value will also give no value back from the receiver, who is likely to dispose of the product very fast. The Original Floating Action Pen offers lots of sentimental value and is kept by many receivers long after the ink runs dry.

The unique floaty pen offers a great deal of excitement and value to both the corporate entity that hands them out but also to the receiver. Then pens are much more than just pens, they are a mini-commercial able to speak a thousand words with images that move inside the pen.

To visualize is much better than to speak. Spoken words can be misinterpreted and althoug people perceive visual statements differently a visual commercial or promotion is more likely to hit a broad audience than spoken words.

The personalized corporate gifts from Eskesen are high quality pens and key tags made in Denmark by the best raw materials and manufactured to the highest European standards.

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