Printing pens

printing pens is a specialized task that not all companies master to perfection. At Eskesen, like our products, we do things differently. We are not printing pens, we are printing inside pens, i.e. we are printing on a transparent film, which is then inserted into the pen to create a kind of 3D effect, called floating action.

Floating action printing pens was invented back in the 1950's by Eskesen but it has been refined since then. Today floating action designs consist of up to four different film inserts, one of which moves between two others.

In this way you can make a truck drive behind a building, make a school of fish disappear behind a ship's wreck and re-appear on the other side - or make thousands, even millions of other interesting and unique designs for printing pens.

The flexibility and the possibility of customizing nearly half of the visible physical pen is what makes the Original Floating Action pen so popular.

Click HERE to create your own printing pen design.