Acrylic key tags

Acrylic key tags are attracting attention and with the right design, they can be both really good products for branding and promotional purposes but also as souvenirs and merchandise. They are cheap compared with many other products, yet Eskesen's range of acrylic key tags are of high quality in both material and print. We print high resolution images on transparent foil which is embedded in the acrylic key tags for durability and all-weather resistance.

Do not waste hours trying to think how your design would look as a finished acrylic key tag. Just click on the links below and upload your images or photos in the specified sizes and get an instant view of your design in our compatible acrylic key tags.

Once you are done you can save your design and send it to yourself by e-mail, forward it to your customers and come back later to re-open the design and make changes. There are lots of possibilities with Eskesens acrylic key tag configurator (which actually also lets you design the famous Original Floating Action Pen.)

Click HERE to create your own souvenir acrylic key tag design
Click HERE to create your own promotional acrylic key tag design