Cheap custom pens

Cheap custom pens are often exactly what they are called - cheap and of poor quality. This is not the case with the Original Floating Action Pens. Manufactured in Denmark they are of the well know high European quality and yet inexpensive. Do not spend your money on just any cheap custom pens. Each pen you give away is an expression of how you look at products quality, how much you appreciate your customer and decisive factor for your customer in where he wishes to place his business.

Just think! You can print your logo on a cheap plastic pen that will not write or maybe it breaks in the customers pcket ruining his shirt.

You could also choose to pay a fraction more and get a high quality Original Floating Action Pen with a design barrel completely customized with your own design.

You can even do your own design online and view it animated in the online designer (in a flash movie)

The choice is yours. Click HERE to create your custom pen design.