Custom printed pen

A custom printed pen is easy to come by, often you find them thrown away by the receiver due to lack of quality. This is not the case with the Original Floating Action Pen. Famed all over the world for its moving images and fans and collectors in the thousands world wide, the pens are kept long after the ink runs dry. This is why the floaty pens are such a good choice for your next custom printed pen. It is of high quality, European made, and every pen design is custom. You can do so much more with a floaty pen compared with a standard custom printed pen.

The Original Floating Action pen has up to four individual image elements creating the world famous floating action effect.

You can design yours on our web site using our new app featuring the latest flash technology.

Create your own custom imprinted pen, save it and view it animated in a flash movie. This is just some of the features of our magnificent app.

Click HERE to impress your boss or your customers with your own custom printed pen design.