Floatie pen

Collectors world wide have realized this - The Original Floating Action Pen is the only true Floatie pen. Do not support piracy - buy the original. We've been copied, we've seen fake floaties pens, we seen really bad copies and some which are above average, but we have never seen a quality identical to the Original floatie pen. Eskesen flotie pens have a lot of fans and there is no doubt in their minds that the Original Floatie Pen beats everyone else in detail, in quality and also in such areas as delivery time and ease of doing business.

We are developing constantly to make it easier do do business with eskesen. Take floatie designs for instance. Sure, you can download a template from our web site or you can pay a graphic artist to come up with a design proposal, or....

You can chose to do it yourself on Eskesen's web site. We have made it easy. Select images from different product segments, choose your artwork, insert it and animate it to see a virtual sample of your floatie pen in our flash animator.

Click HERE to create your own Floatie pen design right now and see how creative you can be.