Novelty products

For many people novelty products are just products with a print on them. Take it further with the Original Floating Action Pen. Floating Action adds movement and life to novelty products. They leave a life-long memory with the consumer. The ability to show any beach, city or product in motion makes the Original Floating Action Pen perfect as a novelty product. Every novelty product design is custom made and the possibilities are endless. A novelty products is not just any product. The Original Floating Action Pen adds a whole new dimension to novelty products and merchandise.

Watch the birds fly on the horizon, or relive the adventure when you were diving on the reef, or relive the downhill skiing in Aspen or the Alps.

Everyone has dreams and the dreams of many happily come true. Everyone has the ability to upload their memories, such as digital images and watch them come to life in novelty products such as Floating Action pens or floating keytags.

Save and send your design by e-mail to friends and family or if you are a business, order them to start selling attractive souvenirs with images of your desitnation.

Click here to create your own design of novelty products.

Note: Eskesen does not sell to individuals only to registered businesses, but everyone is encouraged to try the configurator.