Promotional plastic pens

Promotional plastic pens do not necessarily have to be cheap looking and unattractive. Take the Original Floating Action pen for instance. Made from high quality raw materials in Denmark it represents some of the best quality available in promotional plastic pens - and to this you can add the world famous floating action effect for a truly unique promotional plastic pen.

Floating action adds movement to any promotional message you wish to communicate and it is easily designed to support your corporate identity.

Inside the pen, four film strips have been inserted, each printed with full colour high quality images. One of the films strip move up and down between two other films creating the famous floating action effect only achieved with The Original Floating Action Pen.

Cars and trains drive, people and products move, the conveyor belt transports boxes, the oil rig is pumping oil and liquids are being poured from a container into a glass.

Try it! Click HERE to create your own promotional plastic pen design.