Souvenir ideas

You have come to the right place if you are looking for souvenir ideas. For more than fifty years The Original Floating Action Pen has been a popular souvenir at many destinations around the world. Souvenir ideas are not that easy to come up with, but here you have a product which was born for this purpose and which is effectively a bestseller in many retail souvenir shops.

The Original Floating Action Pen is a flexible souvenir, with capabilities of being among the bestsellers in any souvenir shop. It is all about the design and your souvenir ideas come to life inside this pen!

Inside the barrel is a set of up to four film strips which are printed in full colour. One of these films move in between the others when the pen is tilted, creating the world famous floating action effect. The floaty effect can show everything from birds flying to a moving cable car, it is just your imagination that sets the limit for what you can achieve with this pen.

Test your ideas and skills by trying our configurator. It's more addictive than a video game and if you are serious about it you can create stunning floaty designs for your own show or if you are a souvenir distributor, create designs for your favorite customers. They will love you for it!

Click HERE to create your own souvenir ideas design.