Best promotional pens

The best promotional pens are manufactured in Denmark, or at least so we believe so. Eskesen has manufactured the original floating action pens since the 1950's and we think The Original Floating Action Pens are the word's best ballpoint pens. Their ability to show moving images is something no other pen can do. Our pens are manufactured in Denmark, and are made to the highest quality and environmental standards.

The pens promotional pens are manufactured in Denmark by Eskesen.

Eskesen has manufactured the best promotional pens for more than 60 years and we continue to be among the leading pen manufacturers.

Buying the best promotional pens is largely a question of trust. Trusting the promotional pen you choose will serve the purpose it was made and intended, trust that the quality lives up to the highest standards available and trust that the manufacturer runs a reputable company with a set of values corresponding to the demands of the public in terms of child labour, environmental concerns etc.

The best promotional pens are called The Original Floating Action Pen. These pens are ingenious and feature moving images inside the pen. With this technique you can simulate many different functions, products and services like e.g. a commuter trans or bus in the city, or a cargo truck on the road – both actually moving.

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