Bic pens

When you talk about pens Eskesen is in the premier league of pen companies, together with such distinguished companies as e.g. Bic pens. However, just like Bic pens has thier niche, Eskesen has found a our niche by manufacturing high quality pens with movable object in the barrel. Every design is custom made and the possibilities are endless. Just like Bic pens The Original Floating Action Pen is a brand within corporate gifts and is a popular souvenir too. Eskesen is a famed corporate gift and we are proud to share this business segment with a.o. Bic pens.

Bic pens are good pens and they are a popular and inexpensive writingarticle, no doubt about it, but an original floating Action Pen from Eskesen is much more than just a pen.

Original Floating Action pens tell a story using moving film inside the pen's barrel. You can basically do anything with this technique and the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

Click HERE to create your own pen and see what separates Eskesen from Bic pens.

Note: Eskesen and the original Floating Action Pen Pen is a Danish brand, and we do not sell Bic pens. Both Eskesen and Bic pens are featured in books and publications on the pens' 100- year history.