Business gifts

Business gifts are popular and have many uses. The life span of a business gift can be everything from a few minutes to many years. Business gifts that have a long life span often make the best return of investment when you measure in visibility and return on investment. Eskesen manufactures the Original Floating Action pen which in some cases has a life span of a lifetime. Founded in 1946, we have produced Business gifts ever since, and since the early 1950's we are the proud producer of the Original Floating Action Pen. Pens from the fifties are still found with collectors and end users around the world, so the floaty pen tryly is a long lasting business gift.

We decided to give our customers a tool to make it easy to be creative without having to pocess extensive graphic knowledge. At the same time we wanted to give our more advance users the possibility to create truly amazing business gifts.

You are looking at the result. An online app that lets you use existing pre-loaded artwork as well as custom artwork you have uploaded. All comes together by clicking animate, where your design is shown with full action in a flash animation.

Click HERE to create your own business gift design.