Corporate pens

Corporate pens are used as promotional gifts world wide. Corporate pens are some of the most popular giveaways because most people have a use for them. However, some companies make the mistake of handing our poor quality corporate pens. This is like saying to your customer that you do not appreciate his business. Then rather give nothing.

Eskesen's corporate pens are manufacured in Denmark and are among the best quality plastic pens on the market. The floaty corporate pens are very specieal as they have miniature floaty scenes in the tube. The floaty scenes are custom made for each specific use and not two are the same.

The floaty scene can show all kinds of special effects like a fork lift loading a truck, and airplane flying, a beverage pouring into a glass and change the sign of a house from "For sale" to "Sold". Your imagination is the only limit.

If you wish to try designing your own corporate pens then click HERE to start our configurator and prepare to be creative.

Using the configurator is completely free and there is no obligation to buy.