Custom logo key chains

Custom logo key chains are popular with most people when the key chains are imprinted with a brand they appreciate. Custom logo key chains can be used as promotional gifts at events, at trade shows or at any other occasion where a giveaway is used for promotional use.

Custom logo key chains are simple to design, yet you also have to pay attention to detail. Eskesen manufactures high quality acrylic custom logo key chains. Your artwork is printed on transparent foil which is molded into the key chains.

This ensures key chains with a high quality, and a durability beyond normal. The fact that the images are embedded protects them against wear and tear and they can be submerged in water without any problems.

If you wish to see how your custom logo key chains could look then click the below link, load the images and view the reault online and instantly. Professional looking virtual samples are available in seconds.

Click HERE to create your own acrylic key ring design