Eskesen pens

Eskesen is one of the oldest pen companies in the world. Eskesen pens stand out from the crowd. Seldom has a pen company been so present in the news and written media for making unique products. Eskesen pens belong to the elite of plastic pen manufacturers and produces a very high quality pen, made in Denmark, in our own factory using only quality materials sourced from Denmark and Germany. Eskesen Original Floating Action Pens are the perfect corporate give away and is a bestseller in the souvenir market. Thousands of collectors and floaty fans world wide cannot be wrong.

We'we made it easy to design Eskesen floaty pens. We created an app, which gives you access to a lot of prepared images and you have the ability to upload your own custom images such as your logo.

We will save your design for three months and give you the possibility to edit it, change it, forward it, save it and of course to order it when you are done.

Click HERE to create your own Eskesen pen design.

Note: Eskesen sells only b-2-b, not to private individuals, however, everyone is invited to try the configurator.