Floaty key chains

Floaty key chains are in a league and segment quite their own. Key chains are used in many business as give aways, but floaty key chains offer so much more in terms of creativity and in terms of marketing and branding. It is all about being noticed and just like its siste the floaty pen, the floaty key chains have the ability to show your message animated with a sliding film inside a transparant tube. This makes the floaty key chain exceptional compared with other key chains on the market, and the more complex your advertising is the more simple you can make it with the floaty key chain.

Professional looking key chains can be designed on Eskesen's web site with the ingenious app - the configurator. It is simple to use, yet powerful with access to more than a thousand different stock images.

Save, edit, animate and forward are jsut some of the feature of this powerful design tool, which lets you create designs without graphic skills.

Click HERE to create your own floaty key chain design.