Innovative corporate gifts

Innovative corporate gifts come from innovative companies. Just such a company is Eskesen, and we have manufactures innovative corporate gifts for more than fifty years. The Original Floating Action Pen is one of the innovative products that Eskesen has refined over the years. Today is presents itself as a stylish corporate pen, still with the innovative floaty scene inside the pen.

The floaty scene is the trademark of Eskesen and is what makes our innovative corporate gifts so popular. With the floaty scene you can create serious, funny, funky and spooky designs that will thrill your customer and/or business partners and attract the customer attention that is the whole reason for using innovative corporate gifts in the first place.

You can check our inspiration section or you can go straight down to business and start designing your own innovative corporate gifts. Download the template or read the instructions directly in the product configurator and see what you can do with the wonderful floaty pens.

You can upload your own art, logos and images, they just have to be prepared in the right size and format.

Click HERE to create your own innovative corporate gift design.