Online promotional pens

Online promotional pens are available from a variety of vendors but only very few offer online promotional pens with moving images - the so called floaty pens.

Online promotional pens from Eskesen are exceptional in quality and are widely used as corporate give-aways.

Our online promotional pens are Unique in the sense that they are not just your ordinary printed pen. Inside each promotional pen is a little masterpiece of moving film, which creates stunning, eye-catching effects.

Each online promotional pen is like a miniature TV-commercial complete with moving cars, people or logos and every pen is manufacture to order and the design is completely custom.

Only Eskesen manufacutures the Original Floating Action Pen known globally for it's beautiful design and high products quality. We manufacture every pen in our own factory in Denmark, about an hour's drive from Copenhagen and we control the process from start to finish.

If you are looking for online promotional pens make sure to contact Eskesen today!

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