Plastic pen

A plastic pen can be really exciting. Take The Original Floating Action Pen for instance. It has become one of the best known pens in the world owing to its special and unique function where a film inside the pen moves when the pen is tilted. This pen is also called the "floaty pen" and was invented by Eskesen in the early 1960's.

With Floating Action pens you can design unusual and quite unique promotional products, corporate give-aways, souvenirs and merchandize. You can show a horseman riding past the castle, you can show ice cream being filled into a jar, a happy family entering a restaurant or why not fill up a jar with your favorite beer.

Almost anything is possible with the Original Floating Action Pen and it is as well suited for promotional purposes as it is for souvenir and merchandize. Just imagine what it could do as a fundraiser for a basket or football team.

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