Prime promotional products

For many people prime promotional products are just products with a print on them but why not take it a step further with the Original Floating Action Pen. Floating Action adds movement and life to prime promotional products. The ability to show any product or service in motion makes the Original Floating Action Pen perfect as a prime promotional product. Every design is custom made and the possibilities are endless. A pen is not just a pen. The Original Floating Action Pens are the ultimate prime promotional products and the concept of marketing and branding.

Design your own prime promotional products with the state-of-the art Floating Action configurator. Choose amongst thousands of existing images and backgrounds or upload your own artwork for fully customized prime promotional products. When you're done just click animate to view the action in your own prime promotional product.

You can save and forward your design by e-mail and re-edit the design later to make additional changes to your prime promotional products design.

Click HERE to create your own prime promotional product design.