Printed promotional pens

Eskesen is one of the oldest manufacturers of printed promotional pens in the world. Eskesen printed promotional pens stand out from the crowd. It is possible to depict almost anything with the Original Floating Action promotional pen. This is why the floaty pens are such a good choice for your next printed promotional pens. It is of high quality, European made, and every pen design is custom. You can do so much more with a floaty pen compared with a standard custom printed pen.

Are you looking for printed promotional pens?

Eskesen manufactures printed promotional pens which are quite different from all other printed promotional pens. They are different in the sense that the print is not on the outside of the pen - it is inside the pen.... and moving!

Eskesen manufactures the famous Floating Action Pen, which has been around since the early 1960's and still remains among the most exciting and treasured pens in the world.

There are lots of printed promotional pens on the market, but there is only one Original Floating Action pen - Eskesen.

We can assist you in creating a design for the pen or you can use our configurator to create a design from our stock images or alternatively upload your own design.

In any case you will end up with your own one of a kind printed promotional pen like no other!

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