Product branding

Product branding at its best! This is what you achieve with the Original Floating Action Pen, the pen with moving images inside the pen. The ROI on this pen is very high because it is so popular. Many people save them long after the ink runs dry, because of the general appeal to the child within playing with the motion. Thousands of people across the world are also dedicated collectors of Eskesen's floaty pens.

Your product branding can reach new highs with the Original floating Action Pen. Creating an interesting and unique design is actually quit simple. In the front you have three artwork layers and the floater glides up and down between a foreground and a background. This 3D effect can create interesting design that will thrill your target group of customers.

Design the pen to correspond with your corporate product branding strategy and your core values and design line, so the pen becomes an integrated part of your product branding and reflects the image you would like to have.

Creating your design is easy. Download the template from our download section. Prepare the images in the right size and save them in .png format. Upload the images and click animate. Now you have a full flash animated virtual sample on your screen.

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