Promotional items

Promotional items can be interesting and many people collect various promotional items with company logos and other imprint on them. In this category The Original Floating Action Pen is special as a lot of collectors are dedicated to collecting only "floaty pens" due to their ability to convey messages and captivate the attention of people.

The ability to captivate the attention of the receivers is also what has made the Original Floating Action Pen one of the most popular and successful promotional items of all time.

The Original Floating Action Pen nicknamed "floaty pen" or just "float pen" has transparent film inside the a transparent barrel. The fim is printed with detailed color graphics and one of the film strips can move when the pen is tilted.

This is the world famous floating action effect which can convey any message in a powerful and unique way to obtain maximum effect of your branding or product campaign. Use the right promotional items use floaty pens.

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