Quality pens

Quality pens are used to promote quality products....and companies. Using quality pens for your promotion ensures that your core values and product quality is recognized and projected through the quality of your promotional pens. The Original Floating Action Quality Pen is made in Denmark - Your assurance for the highest quality pens.

 Just because the Original Floating Action Pen is a high quality pen in terms of raw materials and product finish, does not mean that it cannot be refined. This is where your branding and marketing strategy comes in play.

The most important factor of these quality pens are the designs used inside the pen to promote your core values, your comany and to support your other promotional activities.

The design inside the pen is fully custom and printed full colour. This means that the floaty scene can be custom designed for any promotional purpose and with the movement inside the barrel there are rich possibilities to make a knock-out floaty pen design.

Click HERE to create your own promotional quality pen design.

Made in Denmark - Your assurance for the highest quality pens.