The definition of a souvenir is: A token of remembrance; a memento. Typically a souvenir is something (bought, kept or given) which reminds one of a place, person or occasion a souvenir of one's holiday. Eskesen has manufactured souvenirs for more than fifty years and we have been the proud supplier of souvenirs to many of the largest atrractions, sites and theme parks in the world.

A souvenir reminds you of good times and the more attractive the souvenir is design the better. At Eskesen we take pride in our designs and to find ways and means to make them unique.

Take The Original Floating Action pen for instance. It has been around for many years, and is probably one of the oldest souvenirs still in production, but through innovative thinking and creativity we renew it constantly through attractive and colorful designs.

If you wish to see how your attraction, site, park or any other tourist site could look in a Floating Action Pen you can use our online designer. Just upload your images in the correct size and view the finished product instantly on your screen. If you like what you see, you gan request a quote.

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