Specialty promotional products

Specialty promotional products also called ad specialties are a large industry. Most companies are using specialty promotional products in one form or another and promotional pens are one of the most popular specialty promotional products in the industry. The Original Floating Action Pen is one of the promotional pens in the ad specialty segment, but a very popular pen.

The popularity of The Original Floating Action Pen is stressed by the fact that many of the largest corporations in the world are using floaty pens from Eskesen as their specialty promotional products. Time has shown that the floaty pens have a very high ROI compared with other products and other pens.

This is due to the fact that floaty pens offer so much more. They communicate visibly with the receiver and the visual perception is often more receptive than when you just read a text ad or if the pen is limited to just having a logo printed on it.

The Floaty pens feature moving images, so it is possible to visibly show e.g. what your product can do in stead of just telling it.

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