View Pen

View pen is a nickname often used for The Original Floating Action pen, also called a floaty pen. The float pens are very characteristic by having a floating, movable image in the pen barrel and some of the pens are known by their special design whereby a lady (or man) undresses in the pen.

The Original Floating Action Pen is manufactured in Denmark by Eskesen A/S, and we are also the inventors of the floating pens, or rather the founder, Peder Eskesen, invented the this fantastic ballpoint pen and founded Eskesen A/S back in 1946.

Since the aqua float pens were invented they have changed over time. Originally the ink pens were made with small, hand painted miniature products inside the barrel. These miniature would be floating inside the barrel in liquid.

Later on in the early 1960’s Peder Eskesen refined this technique and developed a new technique, officially named Photoramic, but still just nicknamed floaties.

This new technique consisted of imprinted plastic foil, which would be inserted into the barrel of the floating action pens. When tilted the “floater” piece would move up and down in the barrel in front of the background. A separate foil could be inserted as foreground, so the floater, e.g. a plane, could move across the sky behind some clouds. On the back of the ballpoint pen a colourful back panel would be inserted for contact details or the name of the place the floaty pen was sold.

In the early days up until approx. 2005 the float pen images were actually produced on 35 mm photo film, also used in many cameras before the digital age. Eskesen was an important customer to the film manufacturers  in those days.

In recent years the technology has gone digital and the images for the Original Floating Action Pen are now produced digitally, however using the same technique as developed by Peder Eskesen in the 1960’s.

Eskesen’s product range are sold in different segments. Promotional pens and give-aways are a large part of the business, however, souvenir pens, also called novelty pens, are the second leg of the business. In addition to these two main business segments you also find Eskesen as an active supplier to the merchandising and sports industry, selling pens to famous sports teams with branded merchandise.

Branded view pens remain a very important part of Eskesen’s business and continue to be popular for marketing purposes and branding campaigns with customers ranging from large multinational companies to small individually owned business.

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