Mobile web site

With the release of a QR-code campaign and direct e-mail in March 2012 Eskesen also opened the project of stepping into the mobile web site age.
Mobile phone with squares simulating new mobile web site from Eskesen A/S

Supporting the QR-code campaign we already in january handed our acrylic key tags at the trade fairs in Las Vegas, Orlando and Düsseldorf.

The key tags have a scannable QR-code which let the receiver download our catalogue, however, we have now changed the download and made a smaller mobile version with a few product highlights.

Many indicators show that in the years to come, more and more information will be mobile and traditional web sites will be supported by mobile versions created specifically for Ipads, tablet PC's and smartphones.

Eskesen already last year made changes to our web site to enable it to be shown on Ipads and Iphones which did not at the time support flash.

We also have advanced plans of introducing an actual mobile site which will be custom built to fit mobile devices.

Over the next couple of years you will also note more and more mobile content on our web site, available as downloads and for viewing on smartphones and Ipads.