New assembly machine -

Hand assembly of pens will soon be history with the arrival of another highly sophisticated assembly machine at the Store Merloese factory.
Eskesen float pen assembly machine

Traditionally Eskesen's products have been assembled by hand, mainly by local families in Store Merloese, many of which are 3rd generation"assemblers".

This tradition was changed more than 5 years ago when the first assembly machine for the F149XX pen series was ordered.

In February 2012 Eskesen received a brand new custom made assembly machine for the F14534 pen range. Eskesen now has assembly machines for the most important Floating Action pens.

The new assembly machine is state of the art and uses highly advanced photo technology to correctly assemble and position e.g. the pen clips in relation to the Floating Action design.

Automating the assembly of the pens means increased productivity enabling which strenghtens the pricing of our products and also counters price increases.

Eskesen is also now even more competitive on the delivery time. We can supply even large quantities of custom made pens within just 10 working days.