Online and web discounts -

Customers who use to order online now save big with Eskesen on both products pricing and on transport charges, which are already among the lowest in the industry.
Globe map on PC screen used for Eskesen float pen news item

From January 2nd Eskesen introduced an order handling fee whenever Eskesen's sales staff has to manually register orders.

This order handling fee has been introduced as an incentive for our customers to go online and place the orders via our secure customer area on

Many of our customers have already discovered how easy it is to place orders online and how easy it is to create online quotes with door to door transportation charges.

Big savings are achieved by pulling online quotes and placing orders, among other a 10% discount on all acrylic key tags and an unprecedented 20% discount on the freight charges.

In Eskesen we believe in making our products available at the most competitive price possible and we believe in letting those of our customers who can service themselves benefit from additional savings.

More online and web savings will be introduced in the future and we are constantly reviewing how to expand our web site even further to support our customers.