Souvenir Floating Action Pens - Product Details

F14985 - Floating Action Pen Twist Click

This pen features a modern C-Top clip design, and while its article number is F14985 we have nicknamed it C-Top. It is a favourite in souvenir shops around the world.
Eskesen souvenir F14985 floating action pen with Berlin design

Floating action designs consist of up to four artwork elements:

Back panel, background, floater and a foreground.

The back panel is mostly used for displaying contact details, logos etc.

The background is the bottom layer on top of which, the floater moves.

With a foreground the floater can pass behind an object, eg. a car passing a highway sign.

Try the configurator to view the endless possibilities of making unique and interesting designs for the Original Floating Action Pens & Keytags or create your own custom design.