Definition: A give-away is a type of marketing promotion where something is given away for free. Companies often use give-aways to spread the word about their products, to make themselves more memorable in their customers' minds, or to get people to try something new in the hopes that they will continue to buy the product.
Are give-aways becoming increasingly important in your efforts to obtain consumer and customer attention in a competitive market? Then you have a choice to make. Do you wish to go with the flow and purchase the same regular give-aways as most of your competitors or do you want to stand out from the crowd so your company and products get noticed and remembered by your existing and potential customers.

A pen is not just a pen. Sure you can write with it and most pens do a brilliant job at that. Sadly, most pens lead a short life and end up in a waste basket or lie forgotten on a shelf. A printed company name on a promotional pen is not exactly something you would show to your business associates with pride.

Not so with the Original Floating Action Pen. It is kept by it's users and they show it to their co-workers, friends and business associates due to the exciting Floating Action scene in the pen barrel. For you this means more exposure, a much longer life span of of your promotional campaign and a higher ROI.

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