Advertising programs

Get the full effect from your advertising programs by using the right promotional products. Creating advertising programs is a difficult task and requires planning. However, once your advertising program is in place be sure to include The Original Floating Action Pens. The Original Floating Action Pen can take your advertising programs to brand new dimentions with the famous floaty effect inside the pens. Every pen's design is unique, it is completely custom made. will benefit from using The Original Floating Action pens as supporting promotional products.

Making your advertising program more interesting is certainly made easier with The Original Floating Action pen.

We have also made it easier for you to design the product exactly as you want it. If you have existing images from your advertising programs you can use those to custom design your floaty pen. Just download the design guide on our web site and be creative.

Once you have finished designing your advertising programs' supporting products you can view them as a virtual sample instantly in our Flash configurator.

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