China products

Many have the opinion that China products are cheaper than comparable products sourced from other markets. This may in some cases have some truth to it but in many cases not. China products are often of such poor quality that up to 30% of the product is malfunctioning and must be disposed of. This fact together with rising costs of labour, high freight costs and often rather high setup costs makes China products more expensive than sourcing from closer markets.

Quality alternative to China products! Whether you are looking for pens or key tags you have come to the right place in your search for quality alternatives to China products.

Eskesen has manufactured the Original Floating Action Pen and key tags for over 50 years and we manufacture quality products at our own factory in Denmark. Sure, Chinese pirates have copied our products and are selling them and violating Eskesen's product rights, but what they are not able to is to manufacture products that are comparable in quality. Why save 10% when you have to dispose of maybe 30% of the purchased product - and you may be violating the law at the same time.

Use our design editor to design your products whether they are souvenir and merchandise related or to be used for promotional and branding purposes.

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We sell alternatives to China products - only high quality products - made in Denmark