Custom ballpoint pens

Eskesen - Your #1 source for custom ballpoint pens and other promotional products. Custom ballpoint pens can do wonders when then a put in play with a well-developed marketing campaign or event. Custom ballpoint pens from Eskesen are particularly well suited for this purpose.

Creating custom ballpoint pens is not only a matter of trust, it is also a matter of being creative. With Eskesen’s custom ballpoint pens you have the ability to work with high quality graphics I a much larger size than ordinary printed custom ballpoint pens.

Each custom ballpoint pen features a floating image that is fully custom and can be designed to fit your marketing campaign in both colour and function. You can consider the pen a mini commercial, where your service or product is put in motion at the fraction of the cost.

This is achieved by having four little pieces of film inside the barrel. Each of the film strips are printed in full colour and e.g. the back panel can be printed with contact details and full colour logo whereas the design side has 3 film elements.

The custom ballpoint pens are created by having a background with a floating image in front. E.g. a sky with clouds and a plane flying across. to make the design more creative you can add a foreground, in this case another sky, and the plane will fly behind the sky and reappear.

Custom ballpoint pens can be designed with all kinds of different images, only your imagination sets the limit. Virtually anything than can be printed can also be used for a laoting action design for custom ballpoint pens.

Your own custom pens can be designed easily in the product configurator. Here you can upload your logo and other images and quickly and easily create stunning personal designs - and watch them in motion in the unique flash generator.

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