Custom printed pens

Most custom printed pens live a short life. Given away by a corporate company but of such poor quality that even though it's free the receiver does not want it. This is different with the Original Floating Action pens. This is not your standard custom printed pens. The print is made on trasparent foil, inserted into a clear platic tube, which is then filled with liquid. This creates the floating action effect, where animals can move, cars can drige and the conveyor belt can load cargo into a truck. Your imaginations sets the limits and this is why the floaty pens are so popular.

Thousands of collectors and fans around the world have one aim. To find as many floaty pens as possible.

You can design your next custom printed pens right here on Eskesen's web site. Who know? You custom designed pen may end up in the hands of an enthusiastic collector in USA, Japan or the Samoa Island.

The float pen is easy to design using our online design creator and animator. When done click animate and see how your design comes alive on the screen.

Click HERE to create your own custom printed pen design.