Custom printing pens

Custom printing pens are a funny thing. Some a sleek and beautiful and some you would not be embarrassed to actually use in public. Custom printing pens vary in quality from the low, low end to very high end and classy pens. Where your custom printing pens belong is your decisio alone. The Original Floating Action pens are placed right there in the middle. They are of very high quality being made in Denmark, but of course they are made of plastic which does not rank them as high end custom printing pens. However, for plastic pens they belong the the elite.

Being elite custom printing pens places heavy quality demands on Eskesen. This is why all parts are manufactured by Eskesen in our own factory in Denmark, with the exception of metal parts and the ink cardridges which is sourced from quality manufacturers in Denmark and Germany.

Try to design your own custom printing pen in our handy little design tool, which we call the configurator.

It allows you to play with pre-made images and when you are ready, you can upload your own graphics images to the configurator and make professional looking custom printing pens.

Click HERE to create your own custom printing pen design.