Engraved pens

For many people engraved pens are are an important part of their marketing. Many consider pens in general to have a good impact on their campaigns, because pens are a popular product with business partners and consumers, probably because everyone wrtites something down at some point.

you engraved pens look, however, does matter. First of all quality companies and products should be promoted by quality promotional product, including quality engraved pens.

Eskesen's Original Floating Action pens are made from high quality raw materials and are manufactured under our full control in our Danish factory. Made in Denmark is your guarantee of a quality product from a quality supplier.

Try to create the design for your next engraved pens with our configurator. Discover that engraved pens can be something very different with floaty designs, which add functionality and movement to your regular engraved pens - and in full colour.

Click HERE to create your own engraved pen design.