Promotional key chains

Promotional key chains will never go out of fashion. Just like the main product of Eskesen - The Original Floating Action Pen - The promotional key chains are there to stay. Good thing that you can get them in all kinds of variations and in all kinds of materials.

At Eskesen we manufacture two different kinds of promotional key chains. One is your standard type, made of clear acrylic and with a high quality printed foil moulded into the keytag. This adds durability to the products as quality acrylics are scratch ressistant and the fact that the foil is moulded into the key chains protects the images from wear and tear.

The other type of key chain is the sister of our Original Floating Action pen - The floating Action key chain - or just floaty key chain. This features the famous floaty effect with sliding films inside the barrel.

All our promotional key chains are made in Denmark! Your quality stamp!

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