Refrigerator magnets

Eskesen produces the familiar keychains in acrylic, but we also produce refrigerator magnets with beautiful designs in full color digital printed on a foil which is cast into the refrigerator magnets. Refrigerator magnets are popular promotional items since their visibility is high. Eskesen produces two different forms, a round and a square magnet, which are produced in our own factory in Denmark.
Refrigerator magnets are popular promotional products because the customer sees your fridge magnet each time he or she opens the refrigerator. It is easy to design your own promotional magnets with our product configurator, which has many built-in functions. After adapting the size of images, simply upload them according to the instructions in the configurator. It is possible to save and send your design via email and go back to the design later to make updates to your refrigerator magnets. .

Click HERE to create your own refrigerator magnets.