Souvenir floaty key chains

Souvenir floaty key chains from Eskesen are perfect as retail items in souvenir and merchandise shops. With the beautiful artwork and floating scene inside the souvenir floaty key chains are make the perfect memorabilia for people from all over the world. Along with the Original Floating Action Pen the souvenir floaty keychains are among the most treasured souvenirs.

Theme parks, Zoo's, attractions, beaches, cruise lines, famous bands - you name it, they got it. We are talking about the famous floating action products. Souvenir floaty key chains are just one of the products in the series of Original Floating Action producs.

You do not need a grahics designer degree to design one yourself. In our configurator you can upload your own images and view them as virtual samples in just a matter of minutes - and it is completely free and without any form of obligation or registration.

Click HERE to create your own souvenir floaty key chain design.