Souvenir magnets

If you are looking for souvenir magnets you have come to the right place. Eskesen manufactures souvenir magnets of very high quality and we are exporting them to more than 60 countries in the world. All our products, including our souvenir magnets, are manufactured in Denmark which is your guarantee for a quality product a little beyond your expectations.

Souvenir magnets can be very attractive if you use just a little time to think the design through. To assist you we have made our configurator, which can show you a virtual sample of your own souvenir magnet design.

Design your own souvenir magnets with the state-of-the art products configurator. Simply upload your own artwork for fully customized souvenir magnets. You can save and forward your design by e-mail and re-edit the design later to make additional changes to your souvenir magnets design.

Click HERE to create your own souvenir magnets.