Dutch has been added to eskesen.com -

In our efforts to support our customers in the best possible way and to facilitate the possibilities for self service, another language was added to Eskesen's web site.
Greetings from Holland float pen design from Eskesen A/S

Although the Dutch traditionally have excellent language skills, they along with most other people are also comfortable working in their own language. Most people prefer surfing the internet for general information in English or perhaps visiting web sites in another language they speak only peripherally.

However, placing orders on the internet is most comforting and easiest when you can do this on a web site which is in your native language. This also eliminates potential misunderstandings.

Eskesen is proud to present a web site which has been adapted to yet another of the major European languages - namely Dutch.

We do plan the launch of several more languages, so keep an eye out on the language flags on the website. If you visit our website from a country which has one of the published languages as the native language you will automatically be redirected to your native language.